Running to creativity


Runners get outside to clear the mind, film maker Casey Neistat said he hasn’t made a serious decision in the past 8 years without getting outside to clear his mind through running beforehand.

Sometimes we run with a problem in mind that we need to solve, other times we’re running to have a break from thoughts or to allow new ones in to mix up the old thoughts. A while ago when I was working at Nike, the marketing team pondered where we each feel most creative as individuals, funnily enough none of us opted for the desk, instead our answers ranged from ‘when in the bath’ to ‘out on my bike’ to ‘when I’m running’.

Now days flexible work spaces are popping up daily, it’s really exciting to witness the shift in work patterns and work life balance. The creative industries are making big shifts too, notably Wieden & Kennedy (previously known as Weekend & Kennedy…) have put in a few rules:

  1. No meetings outside 10am – 4pm
  2. Don’t read or send emails after 7pm

Their shift reflects that as individuals we feel creative at different times of the day and in different places too. I admire W&K for stepping out and making the change, I wonder who’ll step up next.

think about running

Haruki Murakami inĀ What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

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