Fuerzabruta: The ultimate immersive experience


The Portuguese spectacle that is Fuerzabruta came to the Roundhouse in London for perhaps the thirteenth time back in 2013, it’s fair to say I haven’t seen much since that has lived up to the experience. What I can only guess is a show about the feeling of being high on substances (the plot isn’t even entirely relevant), it’s is a series of scenes that truly immerse the audience. ‘One the edge of your seat’ actually isn’t an option, for there are no seats. Everyone stands and moves continually throughout the performance, making way for the next scene of water, movement, light and sound.

Here’s a few of my own photos from the night, it’s one of those shows which is so incredible you’ll be torn between capturing every moment on your phone so you can relive it in it’s entirety, and taking not a single photo, instead just preserving the memories and fully living the show in the moment. The choice is up to you!


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Wearables conference 2.0!


We’re just under 2 weeks away from the ‘Trust, Risk, Information and the Law’ conference at Winchester University where I have been invited to present research on trends in Wearable technology with two classmates – Clara Scandella and Amelie Jochums

Our research has lead us to present our findings based around two themes: businesses who are adopting Wearable technology into their business strategy in an active way – by active we mean those who are researching, designing, testing, collecting big data and feeding back into their core business. Active use is long term and and tends to ensure the brand is more consistently integrated into day-to-day life of the end customer.

Second, is the passive adoption of Wearables, businesses who are using devices to allow immersion into the brand and exploration of a subject, to aid marketing campaigns or in-store experiences. Passive use tends to be more short term.


LED screen embedded into pages of this month’s Marie Claire


This month Marie Claire have trialled a paper thin LED screen embedded into pages 34 and 35 of limited edition copies of their magazine. This incredible achievement is the first of it’s kind showing  full videos right from the printed pages of printed copy. It follows recent progression in taking printed material one step further into the digital realms to uncover new and exclusive content using apps such as Aurasma, free to download and use on the iphone, and enables the user to hover the open app over the page and watch as the images transform into a new life, perhaps exclusive backstage shots, fashion films or extra content for those wanting that bit more.

The October edition of Marie Claire features an advert for Dolce & Gabbana pour femme shot by Mario Testino.


If you love this and want to see more of publications coming to life before you’re very eyes, check out this month’s ‘O’ By TANK, the quarterly luxuary supplement magazine has been issued with the Guardian newspaper and is now inside every issue of TANK this month. This edition of ‘O’ By Tank is groundbreaking in it’s own way, with every single page featuring ‘augmented reality’.