Lina Michal is going places!


Lina Michal is a friend of mine, and fellow intern I have met this summer, I always knew she was pretty darn talented, seeing as every embroidered and embellished sample she created was beyond wonderful, but I’ve only just began to realise the full extent of her skill.

Visually I’m sure you’ll agree the work is enticing, but equally so, is her starting point for the collection.
A caption from an interview with Teen Vogue, Lina explains her motives for the collection:
“It’s quite complex. I guess it started when I was at home with my family last summer, and it struck me how I’ve always had this feeling that my dad would have wanted a son (I’m one of two daughters). And how this feeling have, in many ways, made me who I am today. How I try to be less girly and insist that I’m interested in cars, when I’m really not. I want to point out though, that it’s not about feeling unwanted or unloved, I truly have never been any of those things, but it’s about feeling insufficient by nature. Like I can try to be my fathers son all I want but it will never succeed since I am, in fact, irreversibly a daughter. I wanted to translate this feeling, this ambition, of being something that could never be into fashion and I’ve worked with it through materials and prints. One example is the peacock feathers that I’ve cut to look like, or ”pose”, as sequins. It can try to be a sequin all it wants, but of course we can all see that it’s failing at it and how obvious it is that it is a feather. Cutting it also takes it away from it’s actual purpose, to fly with, making it distant from it’s true nature. I guess the whole process was a little bit like sartorial therapy.”

On top of Lina’s exceptional talent, she is a delightful person and a joy to work with!

Lina’s Cargo Collective



On Friday I was contacted to make a short film for a website called, they are a website with new technology enabling users to create a short film while flicking through a slide show of images. At the moment they allow anybody to use their product from sales, to education, but are now taking to the fashion business and will be taking over a stand at Graduate Fashion Week beginning today!

I was honoured to be aproched to create a short film about my work for their stand at Graduate Fashion Week and after using the site, I’m really excited about it’s possibilites within the industry, allowing us to merge our work and personalities in one.

Here is my film for Graduate Fashion Week. Take a look and let me know what you think! Nerves definitely got the better of me at first, so I have to admit this is about attempt number 5 or 6!

AKRIS: the trompe l’oeil


As you’ve probably guessed by now I am incurably fascinated with print. So coming across these Akris printed ‘the trompe l’oeil’ dresses were a real treat. At first glimpse these dresses can seem as though they are adorned with a belt or accessory, but at closer inspection we see tiny people.

It could be my childhood obsession with ‘the borrowers‘ – a book and film about tiny people who exist under the floorboards – that fuels my love for these dresses, but perhaps it is simply because they are really beautiful and a little bit genius.