Fuerzabruta: The ultimate immersive experience


The Portuguese spectacle that is Fuerzabruta came to the Roundhouse in London for perhaps the thirteenth time back in 2013, it’s fair to say I haven’t seen much since that has lived up to the experience. What I can only guess is a show about the feeling of being high on substances (the plot isn’t even entirely relevant), it’s is a series of scenes that truly immerse the audience. ‘One the edge of your seat’ actually isn’t an option, for there are no seats. Everyone stands and moves continually throughout the performance, making way for the next scene of water, movement, light and sound.

Here’s a few of my own photos from the night, it’s one of those shows which is so incredible you’ll be torn between capturing every moment on your phone so you can relive it in it’s entirety, and taking not a single photo, instead just preserving the memories and fully living the show in the moment. The choice is up to you!


IMG_7967 IMG_7954 IMG_7964

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