Wearables conference 2.0!


We’re just under 2 weeks away from the ‘Trust, Risk, Information and the Law’ conference at Winchester University where I have been invited to present research on trends in Wearable technology with two classmates – Clara Scandella and Amelie Jochums

Our research has lead us to present our findings based around two themes: businesses who are adopting Wearable technology into their business strategy in an active way – by active we mean those who are researching, designing, testing, collecting big data and feeding back into their core business. Active use is long term and and tends to ensure the brand is more consistently integrated into day-to-day life of the end customer.

Second, is the passive adoption of Wearables, businesses who are using devices to allow immersion into the brand and exploration of a subject, to aid marketing campaigns or in-store experiences. Passive use tends to be more short term.


Wearables conference


At the moment I’m on easter holidays (springbreak) and I’m working on putting some research together about wearable technology and the laws surrounding it. I’m part of a group of three students from London College of Fashion who are presenting in collaboration with Winchester University.

We’ve all got an obsession with wearables whether it be daily activity tracking in the form of a Fuelband or a Fitbit, and we’re really enjoying working together to seek out the most prominent trends and issues with wearables concerning products aimed at the mass market and some of the more avant-guarde creations.

Until the conference, which is on April 29th, I’ll keep the blog up to date with where our research is leading, here’s an incredible video to start. If you’re interested in wearables it’s one you’ve probably seen, the wonderful Pranav Mistry talking on TED about his work back in 2009.