Fitness & Data: The tracking revolution


In September last year I watched a documentary on BBC called Monitor Me – it’s fair to say life has been a little different since.

I’ve watched Monitor Me about 3 times now and am really excited to see more and more people getting inspired by personal data and wanting to track their day-to-day activity.

Pre Monitor Me, I didn’t know the extent of precision and detail we’re able to go into regarding our day-to-day movements. I was motivated to buy a Fitbit Flex and now I feel fairly lost without it.

The crucial thing about personal data is it’s ability to motivate. Knowing your exact step count, miles covered, active minutes and calories burnt makes you incredibly aware of your activity and the decisions you make throughout the day. Since joining Fitbit my daily step count has seen a dramatic increase from an average of 12,000 steps per day to a whopping 18,000! (My PB is 48,000 steps in a day, running from one Glasto stage to another!!).

The Fuelband and Fitbit are pretty similar devices, except Nike tracks your activity in it’s own ‘Fuelpoints’ – a system aligned with the consistent currency of Nike’s digital services. My Fitbit can also track my sleeping pattern, I can see when I wake throughout the night and when I’m restless. It’s pretty interesting to see the effect that certain foods or drink have on my sleeping pattern, but it’s not a feature I use every night.