Talent identification in the digital era


A little while ago I visited University College London to hear Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic talk about the impact of social media on psychology. More specifically he educated us on technology and online personality and how this synergy is advancing our ability to predict, understand and influence behaviour.

We were lucky enough to hear about some very exciting developments in the world of loyalty & consumer insight and in-depth digital profiling.

Something that stuck with me was a project entitled ‘You Are What You Like’ – a website that can predict our personality attributes rather accurately, based on what we have liked on Facebook.

Whats a little more scary is the clever folk behind You Are What You Like are also able to predict unique quirks such as;

  • Do I use drugs?
  • Am I Democrat or Republican?
  • Am I Gay or Lesbian?
  • Were my parents together at 21?

Here are some of my results from the basic test online, just link it with your facebook profile and it takes a couple of minutes to make it’s predictions. I think the results are fairly accurate…