Bespoke Future is a hypothetical branding strategy for Paul Smith.

I’m studying International Fashion Management at University of the Arts, London.
The work below is the output of term three, year one: a project called Brand Britain, where we were challenged to come up with a branding strategy for a selected British brand, whether we chose to design a range, a product, an innovative advertising strategy or a social media takeover. I was the leader of team ‘Bespoke Future’ and was delighted to win the year one project.

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Drawing on Paul’s personal love of cycling, we decided to create a product in-sync with trends emerging in fashion:



The outcome being ‘Bespoke Future’ a cycling helmet which is partially 3D printed and completely customisable.

– The inner most shell fits the shape and size of the clients head down to the last millimetre, thanks to innovative head scanning technology

– The appearance of the product is tailored to the clients aesthetic taste. Digitally printed fabric is designed by you, and can be swapped and changed as often as you like

– Finally the outer shell is engraved with your name on it

In addition to the Bespoke Future cycling helmet, we designed a through retail strategy, advertising and PR plan. We also had to cost the entire branding strategy from the production costs down to the last piece of furniture within the pop up store.


The Pop Up store would launch on the 2nd August 2013 to coincide with Prudential Ride London – The world’s largest cycling event this year. Within the pop up store the customer would be taken on a Paul Smith journey, aiming to teach a new cycling demographic about the Paul Smith brand, keeping their custom for years to come.

Those wishing to purchase a Bespoke Future cycling helmet would be guided through the process by a technical expert. Firstly the client would have their head scanned, next the measurements are transmitted to the in-store workshop where they design the lining and engraving. All data is immediately transmitted to the 3D printing production partner and is then assembled beautifully by the Paul Smith production team.


A variety of images below explore our advertising and social strategy, as well as an idea for the landing page of a website which would launch simultaneously with the pop-up to sell a streamlined choice of the helmet online.

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Tube poster   Care label2 hashtagspokebike Landingpage option5 Macwithwebsite  spoke card Twitterprofile Tweetsample helmet on its way

As a way of presenting thorough market research and the extensive Bespoke Future strategy, I designed and printed a newspaper, which is available to download a high resolution copy using the link below.

BESPOKE FUTURE by beckyokell on Newspaper Club