Matthew Williamson Treat Tweet


Scrolling down my twitter feed this Christmas, a post by Matthew Williamson caught my eye,as they usually do, but this one featured a competition, and one which I had a good feeling about!

The prize: a ONE OF A KIND Matthew Williamson clutch from the pre spring collection.
The task: a simple retweet and a hashtag: not a lot to ask.

I entered, and then have to say, completely forgot I had. Until I received notification that I, out of 600 entries had been chosen! At first I have to admit I was sceptical, imagining competitions online never come to anything and the winner would remain a mystery, I was in a state of shock when I heard from Matthew Williamson and was subsequently asked where I would like the beauty delivered to!

As good as their word, I received a very special package, and am more than excited to share it with you.

The stunning hand beaded design is based on the Shadow Scape print below, inspired by nature distorted through technology. “The idea being ‘Perfect Imperfection’, taking beautiful imagery and using digital processes to make them appear imperfect” – Pre Spring 13 Press Release.

Matthew Williamson Pre Spring 2013 Shadow Scape Print

Thank you to the Matthew Williamson team, for providing me with the most beautifully bedazzled piece I own, and a bag I will cherish for a lifetime.