Hiut Denim. Made in Wales


“Do one thing well”

“The world dosen’t need another jeans brand, Cardigan needs another Jeans brand – Our town is making jeans again”

The retail role of Hiut Denim’s strategy seems merely a side line, instead it is the increasingly relatable story behind the brand which is so important. The brand only formed in January of this year has already achieved waiting lists due to such high demand of their narrow product line, proving they must be doing a lot right.

“Hiut Denim will be the first jean company in the world to have a History Tag.

This is crazy good.

After all if we make a pair of great jeans that last, so should the memories that are made in them.”

This History Tag function works by each pair of jeans having it’s own unique number, you visit the History Tag website and register, and by doing so you can see all those individual moments that have been experienced with your jeans, starting with who made them, perhaps the music that was playing meanwhile, and should you find the jeans in Oxfam in 30 years from now, I’d like to think you could see all the fun that has been had in your jeans over the years.

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Visit the Hiut Denim website here.
Visit the History Tag website here.

All images from the Hiut Denim / History Tag website.


Miniature You


Ever wondered how a tiny version of yourself would look? Me neither, but reading about what is effectively the world’s first 3D photo booth sent my brain into overdrive! A current installation at the eye of gyre exhibition in Japan uses a 3D camera and printer to reproduce 10-20cm versions of yourself, and I have to say the results are simply beautiful.

Can you imagine the outcome of tiny 3D people replacing the classic photobooth printout? Maybe in the not so distant future our household frames will encase moments to remember in the form of tiny people posing to be captured by these machines [just as so many of us do before the camera].