AKRIS: the trompe l’oeil


As you’ve probably guessed by now I am incurably fascinated with print. So coming across these Akris printed ‘the trompe l’oeil’ dresses were a real treat. At first glimpse these dresses can seem as though they are adorned with a belt or accessory, but at closer inspection we see tiny people.

It could be my childhood obsession with ‘the borrowers‘ – a book and film about tiny people who exist under the floorboards – that fuels my love for these dresses, but perhaps it is simply because they are really beautiful and a little bit genius.


Claire Barrow


Today the Evening Standard newspaper featured the work of young designer Claire Barrow, a recent graduate of the University of Westminster. She beautifully paints strong and unique illustrations onto old leather jackets with stunning results.

She’s been scooped up to design a collection of one off pieces for retailer Joseph (in stores this August) and is passionate about retaining the true value of punk, only wanting the right ambassadors to be seen in a ‘Claire Barrow’ jacket.

She takes exclusive orders through her tumblr, designing illustrutive jackets featuring the passions of the person inside, describing her customer as independent, expressive and brave.

There is something about this girls eye thats very exciting, the pieces are full of character, each having it’s own identity; a real work of art to be bought as an investment and passed down the generations.

Saturday shoe day!


Today I thought I’d share with you some research I’ve been doing this week, into my favourite alternative and really really wonderful shoe brands.

What first set me off was seeing a pair of OPENING CEREMONY black clog booties walking past me and desperately wishing my feet were inside! So I began the quest to find a pair of my own, and while doing so, came across many more temptations!

With a round-of-applause to  Simone Rocha, Opening Ceremony and Mexicana ( who really do have an awesome website! )